Fire Protection

What are the Types of Fire Alarms?

Fire alarms systems can be broken down into two basic categories.

  • Traditional: Traditional or conventional alarm systems have been around for decades and are still frequently installed in homes and smaller commercial facilities. They work by dividing the structure into zones featuring detection components that are hard wired into  a control panel. The biggest issue with conventional systems is that they cannot indicate the specific component that’s triggering the alarm, making it difficult to pinpoint the fire’s exact location.
  • Addressable: Addressable systems represent a significant upgrade in fire alarm technology. An addressable fire alarm offers on important advantage over a traditional system: the detection components are equipped with individual identifiers that indicate the exact location by display on the control pane making it easy to target the fires origin.

Fire Alarms for Homes and Businesses – selecting a new fire alarm system for your home or business can be difficult, confusing task these days. Rapid advancement in fire alarm technology is recent years has led to the development of innovative, multifunctional systems that can detect fire and smoke more quickly and efficiently than ever.

It takes a careful evaluation of each system to choose the one that meets your unique fire protection needs and fits your budget. It’s also important to ensure the system meets all applicable fire codes in your area.